Travel : Countries that accept Somaliland passport  
April 2, 2018 - Written by admin

Travel : Countries that accept Somaliland passport

(Medeshi) – The following countries accept Somaliland passport to be used as means of entry into their countries

Somaliland has diplomatic missions in these countries , while most of these countries have either representatives in Somaliland or have diplomatic missions in the country .

The names of these countries are :
1- South Africa
2- Ethiopia
3- Djibouti
4- Belgium
5- United Kingdom
6 – France
7- South Sudan
8- Kenya
9- Malaysia
10 – Taiwan – (where Somaliland has recently sent 10 of its medical professionals for a 6 months intensive training course.)
11- Tanzania
12- India
13- United Arab Emirates (UAE)
14- Uganda
15- Congo
16- Saudi Arabia

I have personally used Somaliland passport during my first arrival in the United Kingdom in May 2004 after obtaining a six month visa from the British Embassy in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . Although most of these countries have not officially recognized Somaliland as sovereign state , they still know that it is the save haven of peace in the Horn Africa and that Somaliland has better democracy then many other recognized African countries . The following map of Africa shows how Somaliland is considered among the best African democracies in the continent equaling to that of South Africa.

Diplomatic and other types of accepted Somaliland passports

Somaliland hopes to gain international recognition very soon after the country has carried out two free and fair presidential elections , one parliamentary election and two municipal elections.
The country has its own flag , its own currency,  banks , passport , police and military force.
Somaliland broke away from Somalia in May 18 , 1991 after a bloody civil war against the dictatorship of the socialist regime of Siyad Barre.
By Medeshi

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