National Healthcare Network,Mentorship Note,By:Abdiqani Hussein Ainan.
December 12, 2017 - Written by admin

CaptureIn expressing and commenting on the healthcare reform in Somaliland that has much attention to cope with its landmarks and primary goals.

Somaliland’s mixed Health reform underlines the basis of grass root plans and objectives that needed to be feasibly carried out throughout the period of 5 years elected the new president.

A-     To garnering major challenges and drawbacks concerning about Somaliland’s’ mixed health reform such as access no clean water , lack of Maternal and child protection and family planning advice , Immunization illness diseases and preventative common illnesses regions and villages .

Having the normal channel of addressing these issues is from the guidelines for primary healthcare which proposed in 1978 as universal health coverage and widely accepted for decades.

B-     Second dimension of reforming and building up a new capable health framework consists of appointing competent leadership and planning health financing and budgetary policy. 

C-     Establishing at least two National centers which are 1-center for mitigating Health in humanitarian crises 2- Center for collecting Research Data and Annual progress.

D-    Creating an independent committee entitled National Health Advisory committee for reporting each two years progress in healthcare sector and wangling public comment if it is necessary to get new ideas adding to national health policy.

E-      Planning and creating a new managerial reform, guidelines and policy in Health centers such as functional divisions of the ministry, hospitals, Quality control agency (therapeutic goods administration)   and other associated Health alliances (private sectors  accountability).

F-      Making and providing each major district of the city an urgent ambulance that could save the patient immediately and transport to the hospital in short period of time.

G-    Creating a monitoring group or medical proctors for supervising and observing the regular works of delivering quality, safety and efficient health services under the authority of ministry.

H-     Mapping an especial screening for cosmetic and herbal products which have now a huge impact in the country not pharmaceutical ones.

I-       Revamping the national medical association and developing strict rules and regulations for credential approval.  

J-        Public Food and Nutritional analysis strategy to avoid mis-leading information.    

K-      National Public health insurance policy (affordable care act in legislation passing).

L-      Creating Regional and International public Health Research collaborations strategic network.

M-    Forming Somaliland Healthcare platform for swapping Ideas and National healthcare progress in a panel discussion. 


I hope this note will help our officials and create better Health for all.   

Abdiqani Hussein Ainan 

 Medical Researcher.  

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