KSP Profile – Dr Essa Abdi Jama
May 10, 2016 - Written by admin
Dr Essa Abdi Jama

Dr Essa Abdi Jama was one of the first medical students ever to graduate as a doctor in Somaliland. Since then he has taken on an impressive range of clinical and civil service jobs in Somaliland and other countries in the region.
Dr Essa Abdi Jama

King’s has supported Dr Essa throughout his medical career:

I can’t really count how many courses, which I really appreciate and have really helped my whole life.

Along with his peers, Dr Essa received training from King’s volunteers as a medical student, and his final exams were monitored by external examiners from KSP. Upon graduating he entered the Somaliland Internship Programme. During that time, Dr Essa completed a number of clinical training programmes with King’s volunteers. Dr Essa has worked as a clinician in various public and NGO-run hospitals in Somaliland, Somalia and, most recently, in Yemen, where he supervises a team of fifty emergency medical staff with MSF-Yemen.

Training with KSP has helped Dr Essa to develop clinically, but also to become a leader in health systems management.

I have been trained in leadership and management since I became a doctor… The most recent course was in 2015, and my knowledge and skills increase with every course I take with King’s volunteers.

He has served in a number of senior civil service roles, including serving as the Somaliland Internship Programme Coordinator, and the Director of Human Resources at the Somaliland Ministry of Health. The training which he received from King’s has helped him to successfully deliver a number of significant projects in these roles. For example, the delivery of the first health worker mapping exercise in Somaliland, which will form the basis of future human resources for health policies in the country.

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