Djibouti Intelligence Eyes on Somaliland for Possible Increase of Arms Trafficking
March 8, 2016 - Written by admin

Djibouti-(Maalmaha News)-The director of the National Security Hassan Said Khaireh Djibouti, said Hassan Madobe, has located a new improvised port Maydh (Sanaag Region), probably mounted for deliveries of small arms. In December, weapons, ammunition and landmines were imported by Iranian and Yemeni networks.

This equipment, which until now was for the radical Islamist Al-Shabaab now also benefit dissidents who pledged allegiance to the jihadists of the Islamic State ( or Daech). Somali information concerned that this faction seeks to locate in areas difficult to control of Galgala.

Alerted Mountains, Americans could soon launch an investigation in the area. it is the second port of this type is identified Somaliland after that of Eil-Gerde. According to our sources, the construction of the latter would be financed by the former minister of Somaliland presidency, Hersi Ali Haji Hassan.

This one is suspected of trying to destabilize Hargeisa by all means since his failed attempt to institutional coup  against President Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud known as Silanyo .

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