An Open Letter to the Chairman of Somaliland Electoral Commission
February 19, 2016 - Written by admin

An Open Letter to the Chairman of Somaliland Electoral Commission



You’re Excellency,

Pursuant to the Provisions of Somaliland Electoral Law, the political regions of the Nation should be based on borders of the 6 districts of Somaliland Protectorate that were inherited from Great Britain in 1960 (these were Zaila, Hargeisa, Berbera Burao, Erigavo, and Las’anod). However, even since the voting process has been reinstated in the Republic following the reclamation of the nation as an independent sovereign state, there has been recurring disputes regarding the borders of Hargeisa Region only, whereas no such disputes arise in the other regions.

The people of Hargeisa have exercised patience and tolerance towards the propagators of these unsubstantiated disputes.  However, it should be known to all that we are not prepared to negotiate our rights no matter what. We reserve all and every right to claim the demarcation of the political border of all the 6 regions in accordance with the above-mentioned 1960 lines and also as stipulated by the Republic of Somaliland Electoral Law.  Any person and persons who have claims and presumptions contrary to the above argument should come up with evidences supporting their claims or simply keep quiet.

The following attachments cover the Map of Somaliland Protectorate in 1960 showing the political borders of the 6 regions (namely Zaila, Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, Evigavo, and Las’Anod). In addition, I also attach herewith the Map of Marjoodi Jeex Region as drawn by Siyad Barre Regime in 1991.

It is obvious that Siyad Barre has penalized Gabilay and Hargeisa Districts and deprived them of any access to the sea for obvious reasons. But, this is none starter,  and every district of RSL should have their fair share of the territories as inherited from Great Britain in 1960 and also as enshrined in the electoral law – period. We will not accept middle of the road solutions while all the other regions are govern by the Law.


Map of Hargeisa District (sine Region) in Somaliland Protectorate in 1960 






MAP OF BERBERA District (Siyad Barre Regime – 1991)






MAP OF Hargeisa District (Siyad Barre Regime – 1991)





MAP OF Gabilay BERBERA District (Siyad Barre Regime – 1991)




Hassan Abdi Yousuf

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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